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Food and Drug Administration Takes Action to Control Illegal Medicines

Taiyuan Food and Drug Administration suggests that tonic medicine itself, under normal usage, dosage, some people will be adverse reactions. Such as skin rashes, throat irritation, mental excitement, insomnia, easy to wake up, neurasthenia, high blood pressure or fall. If the tonic itself quality problems, according to the specified conditions such as storage, processing and processing, or not in accordance with the provisions of Dosage, also easy to cause adverse reactions. Such as adverse reactions caused by ginseng in recent years has seen the report.

In addition, some people taking the tonic, while also taking other drugs, can cause adverse interactions between drugs, two drugs recommended to take the time interval of half an hour.

Vitamin drugs must be prescribed usage and consumption, otherwise it can cause adverse reactions, even cause disability or death. Long-term, large doses of vitamin A, vitamin D may cause fever, diarrhea, poisoning, high-dose intravenous vitamin C may cause phlebitis, venous thrombosis, death. Even if conventional doses, sometimes can cause adverse reactions.

Tip pharmaceutical sector, poor elderly, women, children and the liver, kidneys, nervous system, cardiovascular disease is the drug reaction is prone population, pregnant women, lactating women taking the drug may also affect the fetus, baby health.

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Illegal Duty-free Shops in Japan

With outbound travel to Japan surge in the number of Chinese tourists, Chinese tourists in recent years frequently exposed deceived cases. While the media repeatedly reported that some Japanese duty-free shopping trap, but the injured tourists increased rather than decreased. Xinhua News Agency reporters Jing Duofang and Zha Zheng, after field investigation found that health care fraud fought overseas, unscrupulous travel agents access to duty-free shops and collaborate with each other together, to specific target groups of visitors through brainwashing propaganda, manufacturing explosive buy the illusion, refused to return means, step by step incorporated carefully arranged the high tax-free health products shopping traps.

Before the Spring Festival this year, Mr. Zhang and his party of four tourism delegation to Japan. February 1, then travel to Japan in EGL holiday tour guide led them to take the bus to Tokyo Shinjuku duty-free shopping. The way, the so-called reference guide TV publicity photos and other information, to promote tourist natto fine car, ten thousand steps force of product efficacy, called hypertension, joint pain and other significant improvement. After some in-store shopping guide marketing presentation, Mr. Zhang consume 910,000 yen (about 55,000 yuan), one-third for the purchase of a first enzyme, the so-called deep-sea shark effects of drugs.

When returning, known as store manager who denied selling products as “drugs”, saying only “health food”, and the goods have been sold shall not be returned refused refunds. However, according to Mr. Zhang recordings provided by the tour guide at the time of advance publicity, kept saying duty-free shops selling the “Food and Drug Administration drug, specialty pharmacy drug, buy it can help,” but also said “no side effects, four bottles of a treatment, eat a course can be kept five to ten years. ” Moreover, these commodities boxes, are also specially printed with “pharmacy monopoly product,” intended to mislead Chinese tourists. As everyone knows, in Japan there is no Food and Drug Administration this institution, this title guides deliberately deceived Chinese tourists. Another point to be noted that the Japanese Pharmacopoeia (ie pharmacy) not sell drugs, but also sales of all types of health care products.

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Safety Oversight on Medicine Enterprises

Safety Oversight sampling include “edible agricultural products” and “tea and related products” category 2 of 6 batches of food, which passes 5 batches. Guangxi food and drug supervision departments at all levels have failed to investigate and punish its food production enterprises, and ordered the illegal production and operation of enterprises to take timely measures shelves substandard food.

Autonomous Region Food and Drug Administration experts, the consumption of agricultural products sample presence olaquindox and sulfa drugs (total) exceeded, probably because farmers in the breeding process in order to promote animal growth, disease and excessive use of medication or did not enhance control due; edible agricultural samples detected chloramphenicol, possibly because farmers in the breeding process in order to combat diseases caused by illegal use of chloramphenicol.

Experts olaquindox belong quinoline drugs, is a synthetic antimicrobial growth promoter, used in small amounts to promote animal growth; sulfa drugs (total) is a synthetic antibacterial drugs in vivo metabolic role and time than long. Long-term excessive consumption of olaquindox sulfa drugs and excessive animal food, such drugs could lead accumulates in the body, long-term excessive intake can be harmful to human health. Chloramphenicol belongs to broad-spectrum antibiotics, the state explicitly prohibits the use of the drug in foods of animal origin.

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Medicine Transfer Service Benefits All

Neptunus Bioengineering is one of the earliest domestic pharmaceutical company focused on exploration and distribution. 2003 formally entered the pharmaceutical business in 2009, began to explore new pharmaceutical distribution business model, has its focus sunlight distribution business grew rapidly, becoming the fastest-growing segment revenue.

Neptunus Bioengineering relevant responsible person said, “Sunshine centralized distribution” The key to success is by reducing circulation, efficient distribution, moisture extrusion part to hold down prices, and to standardize the tax, back health or public welfare directly lowering drugs price, etc., to achieve the government, hospitals, patients, manufacturers and other parties win-win situation.

The company has established a number of domestic provinces and regions of the pharmaceutical business logistics network system, and sunshine centralized distribution as the core, the steady implementation of the marketing plan to expand the regional center to the periphery. Last year, Neptunus Bioengineering also succeeded in Wuhan, Harbin and other places acquisitions or new commercial pharmaceutical or medical device distribution company for pharmaceutical commercial business has injected fresh blood for the company’s continued development has brought new impetus.

Data show that in recent years the flow of pharmaceutical business accounted for more than 80% of the main business income, and maintain rapid growth. 2012, 2013, 2014, Sea King bio-pharmaceutical sector commercial circulation revenues were 5.401 billion yuan, 6.891 billion yuan and 8.611 billion yuan, an increase of 21.4% sequentially, 27.59% and 24.95%. And in 2015, the pharmaceutical commercial circulation revenue of 9.429 billion yuan, 84.81 percent of total revenue, an increase of 15.79%.

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Air Conditioners Help to Protect Medicines Quality

Suzhou Heng Ding Pharmaceutical Logistics Limited in June 2015 invested 250 million yuan a self-built large pharmaceutical logistics center, construction area of ​​43,000 square meters, warehouse area of ​​33,000 square meters, designed annual delivery capacity of 10 billion yuan, and was October 1, 2015 officially put into use. Suzhou Heng Ding is China’s pharmaceutical logistics center medicine TPL largest single logistics center, will become the future construction of logistics centers similar model.

Because a little change of temperature and humidity environment will directly affect the effectiveness of the drug, so the drug warehouse design temperature and humidity control system is very strict. Drug Store Drug labeling should be based on the requirements of storage conditions, generally divided into cold storage (2-10 ℃), the cool (less 20 ℃) ​​or library room temperature (0-30 ℃), relative humidity of each warehouse shall be maintained at 45 % -75% between. Suzhou Heng Ding entire warehouse pharmaceutical logistics center designed in accordance with constant temperature, the temperature is 19 ℃, cold storage design is -18 ℃, using temperature and humidity control system, to ensure maximum safety of the stored drugs. Conditioning Co., Ltd. Suzhou letter will choose cool magnetic levitation flooded ™ series units as the host of its air-conditioning system assures the ambient temperature remains constant.

Magnetic levitation letter will be air-conditioned unit has a high energy efficiency and excellent part load efficiency, can greatly reduce the cost of electricity for refrigeration, operating cost savings from the source to the owner. In particular, the letter will cool magnetic ™ series single-unit multiple compressor refrigeration system head design, a plurality of synchronized parallel operation of the compressor head and take advantage of the heat exchanger area, so that the unit further enhance the efficiency of the air conditioning system more conducive to reducing total energy consumption, and the letter will maglev unit compact footprint, logistics center can save more space for storage of medicines. Cool ™ Series magnetic unit is able to achieve 0.1 ℃ precise temperature control, multi-frequency operation of the compressor head, either a compressor fails, you can always disassemble and other affect the compressor does not run, greatly improving the entire air conditioning system security, the project provides a safe, efficient and stable air conditioning solutions.

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Medicines Sold More Throughout the Internet

With the increase of China’s population, accelerated aging, health reform policy innovation, medical and health field has become highly favored capital industry. BAT and other Internet giants have also admission, especially backed by Ma Ali healthy head start, and reached the online pharmaceutical business and health services, but by the policy and industry environmental reasons, stagnated. The traditional Chinese medicine Health America Pharmaceutical giant, old Tong Ren Tang, and the new generation of peeling out from One shop One drug network, China Resources Group, the Capital Health to build the network and other electricity providers have also reached the medicine melee intensified.

2013 China Pharmaceutical overall market size of about 1.4 trillion yuan, while the online pharmacies of about 42 billion yuan, in terms of relative or absolute space, the electricity supplier medicine has huge room for growth. 2015 prescription drugs made possible in an open online sales, electricity providers allow pharmaceutical policies ushered in the peak period, become capital chasing representative. In just a few years, the rapid development of the electricity supplier medicine. Cross-border integration of big data, cloud computing and other areas of technology and the Internet, so that the Internet has entered a golden period of development of medical, prevention, diagnosis, treatment, purchase of medicines will open a comprehensive intelligent era.

Although China’s pharmaceutical B2B electric business development with respect to the developed countries in Europe, is still in the growth phase, but the rapid development, competition fiery, much favored by investors. According to statistics, in 2014, Kyushu Medical network platform size of 15 billion yuan in 2015, Hong Mei e trough, trading volume up to 80 billion US. The B2C online pharmacies, along with the policy of gradually opening to enter the explosive growth stage. Vertical Medicines platforms, such as One drug network, health network, Kang US health etc., integration of various resources, have done one hundred million scale, and each also offers comprehensive health services: on-line diagnosis, health tracking, and other health information. Simply sell drugs online era is gone forever.

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Speed Up the Development of Biomedical Industry

Meeting to convey to learn the province’s tourism industry to promote the spirit of the meeting, and to carry out research city views. The meeting stressed the need to further understand the situation, unify our thinking, strengthen confidence, the courage to act, plan carefully, do solid work, give full play to the city, “a place four townships” of resources, accelerate the pace of construction of tourism a pillar industry, started “ask Fairy lake, Hongtashan, Huayaodai “three travel card, to create” plateau lakes leisure, life science expedition repair, ethnic style experience, mountain sports adventure, “the four leading tourism products, unswervingly deepen reform and innovation, promoting global tourism development, the city’s real resource advantages into competitive advantages and development advantages. Current and coming period, to improve to development planning is based on promoting the integration of tourism development; to promote the project as the starting point, to create high-quality products; to strengthen publicity and promotion as the key, and actively expand the tourist market; to improve service quality as the goal, strengthen supervision and management of the tourism industry; reform and innovation as the driving force, strengthen management of tourism development.

Meeting to convey to learn the spirit of the province’s poverty alleviation by relocation to promote the work of the conference. The meeting stressed the need to adhere goal-oriented and solve the problem of compaction of responsibility, clear objectives, tasks and policy measures, Forced time and tasks to do specific projects to the home, to the people, do not leak one, a good one, to ensure that 2017 to eradicate poverty; to adhere to problem-oriented, to solve the problem of poor accuracy, to solve the long-term livelihood of the people, so moving and stability is maintained, can develop; to adhere to the policy-oriented financial policy to solve the problem, the full integration of related policy funds, and effectively solve the shortage of funds, and low construction standards; to adhere to the results-oriented, to solve the problem of the effectiveness of the work, the work of poverty alleviation by relocation firmly and realistically.

The meeting studied the biotechnology industry to accelerate the development of pharmaceutical related matters. The meeting noted that the development of bio-pharmaceutical industry is the most promising sunrise industry, is supporting the development of national and provincial key industries, is the world’s fastest growing and one of the most significant economic benefits of high-tech pillar industries, is the current new round of technological industrial revolution in the most competitive strategic emerging industries. In cooperation with the Watson Building Yuxi biomedical industry park, is a major decision the municipal government made in the industrial layout, is to implement the provincial government requirements, focus on key, growth industries, and promote the advantages of conversion, promotion, enlarged practice . The meeting stressed the need to fully recognize the great significance to accelerate the current biomedical industry park construction, firmly seize the opportunity, innovative ways of working, pilot, daring to dare to try, dare to play, dare to practice, the real bio-pharmaceutical industry training to become Yuxi the new pillar industries; to adhere to problem-oriented, to further clarify responsibilities and strengthen coordination and cooperation, to solve the bottleneck problem biomedical R & D innovation and industrial development, and implement policies to promote the industrial development, and constantly optimize service, and jointly promote each items are implemented; to adhere to the “to do immediately,” the style of work, efforts to form a strong trend to accelerate biomedical industry park construction, so that early completion, early results.

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Strengthen the Reform of Medical and Healthy Industry

Promote the county public hospital layout adjustment, City Planning Commission guidance Wei Qi Xian urban development of regional health planning and medical institutions to set the planning, rationally determine the layout, structure and number of public hospitals, pension strengthen rehabilitation, mental health, emergency rescue and other weak system, strict control of public hospital beds in the size and construction standards, and resolutely curb public hospitals compare with each other, blind expansion and so on. Continue to get rid of drugs make doctors focus on the implementation of government-run health responsibility, rationalize the price of medical services, improve the drug supply system, Medicare payment reform, and promote full cost accounting, improve hospital management and service capabilities, to promote the establishment of a scientific compensation mechanisms and characteristics of the industry to adapt to corporate governance, personnel and compensation, training, performance evaluation system, and gradually solve the reform of public hospitals in the process of deep-seated contradictions.

Continue to maintain the resident population of the new rural cooperative Senate combined full coverage. Specification NCMS reimbursement program, further expand the major diseases, health insurance coverage and the masses benefit coverage, the level of benefit, improve the actual reimbursement. Payment reform, increased single-DRGs disease, explore the establishment of the total amount paid in outpatient and inpatient bed days pay and other payments. Designated medical institutions to strengthen supervision, curb excessive medical treatment, decomposition fees, and to enhance the utilization of the fund. Strictly guard against and severely deal with potentially fraudulent and other illegal acts, the new rural cooperative fund to ensure safety. Improve disease emergency relief system, do a good job with the basic medical insurance, urban and rural residents illness insurance and medical assistance system, such convergence. At the same time, we continue to do Hohhot, Baotou convenient service center remote participation reimbursement work.

Vigorously carry out health management services, to guide and promote investment in health and health spending. Optimization Shehuibanyi environment policy priority to encourage and support social capital held on the scale, the level of non-profit hospital and high-end services and special needs hospital. Encourage investment in social capital building rehabilitation, aged care, hospice and distinctive feature of Mongolian TCM medical institutions, to broaden the range of services and explore effective forms of combination of the medical support and guide the development of rehabilitation care, elderly care, home care and other Yuesao services, and actively promote the development of medical tourism.

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Provincial Hospitals Take New Policies

According to hospital statistics, last year, the top three hospitals to prescribe only to reimbursement of the population accounted for more than 30% of the clinic, the patients themselves are not only frustrating, but also to some extent crowd out the top three hospitals of medical resources.

From 28 onwards, as long as there are two doctors provincial network doctor or hospital doctors in Guangdong Province prescriptions, hospital admissions point in the network neighborhood residents can directly Medicare designated provinces and two doctors, co-ordination and enjoy Guangzhou Medicare reimbursement.

At present, Guangdong province a total of more than 4,800 network points hospital admissions, which accounts for about one-third of the city of Guangzhou, more than 1600, located in Guangzhou City, the streets of the district. Provincial Vice-President Li Guanming two doctors revealed that the facilitation measures currently in three pharmacies pilot in May is expected to point to all admissions in Guangzhou embodiment, will be extended to the province admissions mature point. “Guangzhou Medicare patients cooperation network in the province of hospital admissions point pharmacies can enjoy Guangzhou Medicare reimbursement co-ordination.” Liguan Ming said.

Provincial Hospital Nagata Jun Zhang believes that Medicare patients previously had to go to the hospital to enjoy medical insurance co-ordination, pilot network hospital, three doctors realized the integration of medical, health care, pharmaceutical, and is a major breakthrough of medical reform.

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Creative Medical Research in New Medicines

2015-2016 Year is a new starting point for domestic innovative drugs field. Dimension policy perspective, 2015 was the turning point of the field of drug policy, drug policy reform surging, a series of measures for the development of innovative drugs to create a favorable policy environment; and innovation dimension of the drug industry’s own development of innovative drugs in large quantities in the field results 2015 – Concentration appeared in 2016, China also really into the outbreak of innovative drug industry. At the same time, we sort of foreign cases from the domestic and international experience, the co-operative, international drug companies is the only way to innovation.

Products and ideas to the company’s valuation. Innovative drug products, discounted cash flow valuation methods is the mainstream method of valuation of innovative drugs in the field, the company will be listed or will be listed a full assessment, but it comes to breed in early clinical or preclinical studies , faced with greater uncertainty, usually take the form of qualitative research; the company for innovative drugs, both growth stocks and high valuation logic. Good medicine is based on innovation to meet unmet clinical needs and market demand, after facing the listing of high growth, with a variety of enterprises to enjoy certainty logical valuation growth stocks; new technologies, new targets emerging to innovative companies more imagination with these technologies and early varieties of high-tech shares in enterprises applicable investment logic.

Product innovation is expected to face a whole new market for drug companies, both explosive and steady growth, we recommend focusing Hengrui Medicine; concern fan billion Xin Fu and Yasuhiro medicine; and as providing services for innovative drug development platform will be accompanied by company type the high growth of the entire industry of innovative drugs and have the certainty of high growth and vast space, the key recommendation of innovative drugs in the field of water who sell Tiger medicine.

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