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Control Medicine Safety by Government

To combat use of the Internet selling counterfeit and inferior food and drug behavior, purify the Internet shopping environment, safeguard the legitimate rights and interests, Anhui Province Food and Drug Administration has embarked on a 2016 Food and Drug “net Sword” No. 2 action. Since the action undertaken, Anhui Bureau of real, dare Sword, the online supervision as a new norm, enhance regulatory capacity online, constantly explore new network monitoring mode, increase online inspection efforts to strengthen cooperation with municipalities (counties, districts) public security bureau and department of convergence, deep crackdown network selling counterfeit and inferior food and drug behavior. At the same time, strengthen the network supervision team building, making it the people of the province to protect a vital force in food and drug safety.
Specific actions should be problem-oriented, take stagnation centralized search engine, comprehensive screening, sampling a combination of approaches, for online sales tumor type, type of sexual dysfunction, weight class, auxiliary hypoglycemic class, non-pharmaceutical drugs posing marking function Indications and health food suspected of illegally added six categories 45 kinds of medicines and health foods were focused on monitoring of more than 400 online shopping sites (shop) was the focus of regulation. 24 suspected of false propaganda, to expand the propaganda and other illegal web site, site lock, exposure time to be verified after confirmation, and according to the law to be shut down or block illegal information; 26 kinds of suspicious items and a sample mail-order, pending test results out after the first time released to the community; for a suspected illegal immigrant Taobao shop selling Class III medical devices conduct on-site verification of its law to be a criminal offense, the case is currently being processed.

Next, Anhui Province will continue to strengthen the online supervision, based on the No. 1, No. 2 in Action “network Sword” on, constantly sum up experience and lessons, improve network monitoring capabilities to further increase the online sales of fake and shoddy food and drug crimes crackdown behavior.

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