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Provincial Hospital Pharmacy Director Consultation

Yan whole root Shandong Provincial Hospital Pharmacy Director, two days received many telephone consultation. Speaking protagonist without exception, they are the recent demand “protamine.” Yan said the whole root, the hospital did not have three months to purchase “protamine”, and the current inventory is only 100, can only supply emergency surgery, no other method to ensure that the contact number of fraternal hospitals, each hospital was the same, they are gone.

Protamine, the full name of “protamine sulfate injection”, is extracted from fresh mature fish sperm protein in an alkaline sulfate is mainly used for bleeding caused by heparin overdose, cardiac surgery is necessary drugs, without it, patients may be life threatening. Deputy director of cardiac surgery Zhengzhou People’s Hospital, Dr Zhang Xianghui said that many carry out heart surgery in hospital or general hospital, because this thing has stopped normal operation arrangements, in addition to emergency spare some drugs to surgery, Common routine elective surgery, basically limiting.

Protamine far more than a gap, Shandong and Henan, Anhui Hefei public Wang’s relatives a few days ago to do heart surgery, Anhui Provincial Hospital no protamine, advise patients to find their own “protamine”, otherwise difficult surgery.

Mr. Wang said, “Provincial Hospital doctors told us that only two homes and Hefei 105 Hospital this protamine. Inquire about the end result is no hospital in Hefei, the hospital before they are used a little bit, but now with over, but do not want to enter because this drug it is itself a small minority of medicine, my relatives, he uses words only ten, he was a very small minority and very cheap price, while 105 hospitals with I finished. “

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