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Research on Chinese Medicine Enterprises

To implement the provincial government “to speed up the development of traditional Chinese medicine industry,” and “on” green plus authentic “brand building of Chinese herbal medicines opinions” spirit of the document, recently, the Food and Drug Administration Shucheng main person responsible for his unit Chinese herbal medicines within the jurisdiction of the county Chengguan, taoxi, Zhang mother bridge, poke Lake and other towns growers in-depth research.

Everywhere research group, first went to the fields on the ground view, detailed inquiry and record aspects of planting varieties, area, yield per mu, sales prospects and the presence of value-added processing and so on. When the leaders in charge of the township, the village committee and the responsible persons at seminars, in-depth understanding of the history and development of township planting situation, consult widely to promote the development of Chinese herbal medicine industry recommendations.

On the next step, the research group believes that one should take advantage of meetings and reports and other means, and actively report to the government leaders, deepening government leaders paid more attention to the development of traditional Chinese medicine industry, the introduction of preferential policies, increase government medicine and efforts to support a range of planting materials. Second, we must strengthen ties and communication with COAG, forestry, science and technology, poverty alleviation, finance and other departments, preferential policies and financial support for functional departments. Third, we should vigorously implement the “company + base + farmers” model of development of Chinese herbal medicine industry, foster a number of herbs like having a relative strength and competitiveness of such “Anhui Xiangshan Biotechnology Co., Ltd.” planting enterprises to speed up the production of Chinese herbal medicines and the market, and to promote the sustainable development of Chinese herbal medicine production county.

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