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High Price Priscriptions are Not Good for People’s Health

Although Pfizer denied in China under investigation, but the high price of imported drugs is an indisputable fact. Under normal circumstances, with a drug imports, “China’s market will be generally higher than the European market price of about 1/5 to 1/3, the most obvious tumor drugs.” Such as: Pfizer Viagra hottest, with an average price of US $ 6.75 / piece (equivalent to 43.82 yuan), less than half of the lowest domestic; Azithromycin Tablets domestic lowest price of 69 yuan / box (box 6), in the United States for only $ 0.63 / piece (equivalent to 4.09 yuan), a difference of more than 12 times.

In response to the drug problem in the different pricing and availability in different countries, Pfizer’s US headquarters, said the drug pricing and supply in different countries is based on the economic situation of the countries, the local assessment of the relevant pharmaceutical value, and health needs of the local population Wait. Simply put, different prices in different countries, based on different needs.

If Pfizer is so, then, of China is a developing country, per capita income of the people is quite different with the Americans, while the market demand is much greater off than the United States, from the common sense of the market economy, the price of drugs sold in China should be more than United States cheap, or at least should not be more expensive than it is. And actually it is the opposite that drug prices in China higher than the sales price in a large portion of the United States obviously counterintuitive.

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