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Keep People From Unsafe Medicines

Maintains food and drug safety, ensure the safety of the people of Tongren on the tongue, first and foremost improve the system. November 4, 2015, Guizhou Province, to strengthen the basic food safety conference and the Food and Drug Administration Reform Taskforce fifth (enlarged) meeting in Sinan County, Tongren City, the meeting stressed the need to attach great importance to fully understand the good Primary food safety control sense of urgency and responsibility.

By 2015, the city district (county), township (town, street) all established food safety committee and its office, and actively play a “lead total catch” role in promoting inter-sectoral and regional communications, the situation consultation, joint law enforcement , execution of convergence, but also the investigation of major risks, incident handling, crack down on crime and other aspects of joint coordination and joint efforts to safeguard food safety play an active role.

Up to now, the city has a municipal Food and Drug Administration, a large food and drug regulatory Long Economic Development Bureau, eight county-level market Authority (Food and Drug Administration), set up two separate county Food and Drug the Authority, which is no instance in the former province. In addition, there are 56 township (office) branch, 172 township (office) food and drug supervision station, the city’s food and drug regulatory system consists of 524 administrative staff (which township Area Branch 257), village food and drug inspectors, coordinators and information specialists each 2955.

2015 beginning Tongren district and county governments and municipal government has signed a “Tongren 2015 food and drug safety objectives responsibility”, issued a “Tongren City in 2015 focus on food safety work notice” to develop a “Tongren area in 2015 (county) government food and drug safety cosmetics comprehensive Assessment Rules, “revised and issued” Tongren City people’s Government food safety emergency response plan, “woven from institutional prison food and drug safety nets. The establishment of food safety expert database for food safety work is an orderly way to provide intellectual support to the city’s food security situation stable and good.

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