Meizitang Capsules Side Effects

Problematic Western Medicines Appear in China’s Market

According to the US “The Wall Street Journal” Web site March 29 reported stroke treatment maleate cinepazide (cinepazide) quit Spain, Italy and France in the late 1980s and 1990s, because it was reported that taking this medicine It can cause blood diseases. However, according to Credit Suisse Securities research institutions show that in 2010, it […]

Core Business Grows Heavily

Research and development in medicine, Shanghai Pharmaceutical in the first quarter 2016 for new fertile paroxetine hydrobromide, cabazitaxel, olanzapine fluoxetine, clinical approval citrate Tropsch process for cloth and other four species of 10 new 3 clinical application declared class 1.1 chemical innovative drug SPH1188-11 get accepted. Pharmaceutical manufacturing, Shanghai Pharmaceutical in the first quarter 2016 […]

Buy Drugs with Other Family Member’s Medical Card

The reporter called the phone number on the card, which is a field number, the phone is a woman, northeast accent. She says she can sell the drugs, according to the ex-factory price of drugs, 80% recovery, she also specifically asked whether the drug has expired, and that is very dangerous if expired, can not […]

Enjoy 2 Months Free Prescription in Local Hospitals

The city will continue to implement the “Comprehensive two child” policy, household population birth rate policies consistent with not less than 99%. At the same time, optimize the allocation of health resources, medical beds 1000 population reached 6.1, and gradually narrow the gap between the district resources; strictly control the scale of public hospitals, general […]

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