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Safety Oversight on Medicine Enterprises

Safety Oversight sampling include “edible agricultural products” and “tea and related products” category 2 of 6 batches of food, which passes 5 batches. Guangxi food and drug supervision departments at all levels have failed to investigate and punish its food production enterprises, and ordered the illegal production and operation of enterprises to take timely measures […]

Chinese Medicine Annual in 2015

Following the 2015 annual revenue exceeded 20 billion yuan shine after 2016 a quarterly Chinese Medicine [3.10% funds research report] (600,056) disclosed on the 28th in the evening is also very rosy. 2016 first quarter, operating income and net profit increased significantly compared with the same period last year, operating income of 5.36 billion yuan, […]

Food and Drug Inspection System Helps to Solve More Problems

Food and drug regulatory agency reporting township set in place as well as the current operating conditions of work; the first quarter of Food and Drug Administration inspection, supervision and sampling, law enforcement investigators, grid monitoring platform construction, to create a safe county, and fast food inspection agency inspection room construction and operation and so […]

View Nearly All Prescription Pills Throughout International Market

Overall market share antineoplastic drugs and immunological rapid rise, thanks to two factors: First, the unmet clinical need, and second antibody drugs, the rapid development of small molecule drugs targeting the same time, best-selling the first generation of antibody drugs facing patent cliff just overall, just beginning to face generic competition, and in the past […]

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