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Medicine Transfer Service Benefits All

Neptunus Bioengineering is one of the earliest domestic pharmaceutical company focused on exploration and distribution. 2003 formally entered the pharmaceutical business in 2009, began to explore new pharmaceutical distribution business model, has its focus sunlight distribution business grew rapidly, becoming the fastest-growing segment revenue. Neptunus Bioengineering relevant responsible person said, “Sunshine centralized distribution” The key […]

Air Conditioners Help to Protect Medicines Quality

Suzhou Heng Ding Pharmaceutical Logistics Limited in June 2015 invested 250 million yuan a self-built large pharmaceutical logistics center, construction area of ​​43,000 square meters, warehouse area of ​​33,000 square meters, designed annual delivery capacity of 10 billion yuan, and was October 1, 2015 officially put into use. Suzhou Heng Ding is China’s pharmaceutical logistics […]

Medicines Sold More Throughout the Internet

With the increase of China’s population, accelerated aging, health reform policy innovation, medical and health field has become highly favored capital industry. BAT and other Internet giants have also admission, especially backed by Ma Ali healthy head start, and reached the online pharmaceutical business and health services, but by the policy and industry environmental reasons, […]

Speed Up the Development of Biomedical Industry

Meeting to convey to learn the province’s tourism industry to promote the spirit of the meeting, and to carry out research city views. The meeting stressed the need to further understand the situation, unify our thinking, strengthen confidence, the courage to act, plan carefully, do solid work, give full play to the city, “a place […]

Strengthen the Reform of Medical and Healthy Industry

Promote the county public hospital layout adjustment, City Planning Commission guidance Wei Qi Xian urban development of regional health planning and medical institutions to set the planning, rationally determine the layout, structure and number of public hospitals, pension strengthen rehabilitation, mental health, emergency rescue and other weak system, strict control of public hospital beds in […]

Provincial Hospitals Take New Policies

According to hospital statistics, last year, the top three hospitals to prescribe only to reimbursement of the population accounted for more than 30% of the clinic, the patients themselves are not only frustrating, but also to some extent crowd out the top three hospitals of medical resources. From 28 onwards, as long as there are […]

Creative Medical Research in New Medicines

2015-2016 Year is a new starting point for domestic innovative drugs field. Dimension policy perspective, 2015 was the turning point of the field of drug policy, drug policy reform surging, a series of measures for the development of innovative drugs to create a favorable policy environment; and innovation dimension of the drug industry’s own development […]

Core Business Grows Heavily

Research and development in medicine, Shanghai Pharmaceutical in the first quarter 2016 for new fertile paroxetine hydrobromide, cabazitaxel, olanzapine fluoxetine, clinical approval citrate Tropsch process for cloth and other four species of 10 new 3 clinical application declared class 1.1 chemical innovative drug SPH1188-11 get accepted. Pharmaceutical manufacturing, Shanghai Pharmaceutical in the first quarter 2016 […]

Highlight the Defensive of Taking Pills over Drinking

After five Lianyin on K-line pre-stock index, the more they lack confidence in the market, trading was light, Shanghai Stock Exchange average daily trading volume of nearly 150 billion yuan in average, compared with mid-April to early May average daily volume of 300 billion yuan in terms of atrophy. Ruoshi in such a market, the […]

Pharmaceutical Companies Use Internet to Promote Their Products

Benefit from the aging of the population and the government to encourage social capital to enter the medical field of favorable policies, the gradual acceptance of the Internet as well as consumer health and pharmaceutical sector is becoming a favorite of investors. Data show that as of April 27, Shanghai and Shenzhen 168 listed pharmaceutical […]

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