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Buy Special Pills Get Vitamin C for Free

Recently, members of the public Mr. Cao Guang Ji Tong later in Yulin three hundred yuan worth of medicines designated after receive a bottle of vitamin tablets, however, Mr. Cao was found in the consumption of the vitamin tablets have obvious smell, a closer look at this bottles of vitamin tablets at the time of purchase has expired 19 days. Currently, Yuyang Food and Drug Administration has been involved in investigating the matter.

According to Mr. Cao said April 25 that day, he located Kamigori Yuyang Road Guangji Hall II stores to buy drugs, to coincide with the store to engage in activities. “The clerk introduced to me, I just bought several designated drugs, you can receive a free bottle of vitamin C tablets.” Mr. Cao said, he felt a good deal, then bought a total of nearly $ 400 just to get this drugs bottles of vitamin tablets. After returning home, Mr. Cao open Premiums start taking vitamin tablets can taste is very “strange.” Check carefully packaged, Mr. Cao found that the failure of this bottle of vitamin tablets turned out to be April 6, 2016.

“I am very angry, but for this to get free vitamin tablets, I would not buy so many drugs,” said Cao, Ji Tong Guang Yulin as the largest local drugstore chain, to make this consumer fraud what made him feel scared.

China Chinese Commercial News reporters Xiang Guangji and Tang Erzhong store clerk after understanding that the drug store currently has no Mr. Xiang Cao Get that money vitamin tablets. “25, our store to engage in activities, in order to thank old customers, Guangji Church members on the purchase of selected drugs will receive this vitamin, so the stock finished the day giving.” The clerk said, as this vitamin tablets have no problem she did not know.

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Public Health Reform Needs More Time

Public hospital reform is still key tasks: to further improve the county-level public hospital reform; urban public hospital reform to increase the range of 100 to 200 cities; further rationalize the price of medical services. Which were raised in particular: strictly control unreasonable medical expenses increase.

Comprehensive health care reform to promote the experience of the pilot provinces: Fujian Sanming mode in Anhui, Fujian and other places to promote. Sound drug procurement, distribution, price and other systems: Promoting centralized procurement of drugs, clearly promoting local pilot, encourage joint procurement; comprehensive health care reform pilot provinces in the province to promote the “two-vote” system; the implementation of medical separation, encourage prescription outflow; pushing prices can be traced back mechanism.

The importance of grade treatment can be strengthened: speed up the experimental work of grading clinics, family doctors proposed signing rate target, to enhance service capacity of primary health care institutions. Development of health services: Encourage pension rehabilitation and medical tourism. Attention to personnel training: training general practitioners to strengthen the organization residency training, strengthen the cultivation of pediatrics, psychiatry, obstetrics, rehabilitation, health management, geriatrics and other talents.

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Control Medicine Safety by Government

To combat use of the Internet selling counterfeit and inferior food and drug behavior, purify the Internet shopping environment, safeguard the legitimate rights and interests, Anhui Province Food and Drug Administration has embarked on a 2016 Food and Drug “net Sword” No. 2 action. Since the action undertaken, Anhui Bureau of real, dare Sword, the online supervision as a new norm, enhance regulatory capacity online, constantly explore new network monitoring mode, increase online inspection efforts to strengthen cooperation with municipalities (counties, districts) public security bureau and department of convergence, deep crackdown network selling counterfeit and inferior food and drug behavior. At the same time, strengthen the network supervision team building, making it the people of the province to protect a vital force in food and drug safety.
Specific actions should be problem-oriented, take stagnation centralized search engine, comprehensive screening, sampling a combination of approaches, for online sales tumor type, type of sexual dysfunction, weight class, auxiliary hypoglycemic class, non-pharmaceutical drugs posing marking function Indications and health food suspected of illegally added six categories 45 kinds of medicines and health foods were focused on monitoring of more than 400 online shopping sites (shop) was the focus of regulation. 24 suspected of false propaganda, to expand the propaganda and other illegal web site, site lock, exposure time to be verified after confirmation, and according to the law to be shut down or block illegal information; 26 kinds of suspicious items and a sample mail-order, pending test results out after the first time released to the community; for a suspected illegal immigrant Taobao shop selling Class III medical devices conduct on-site verification of its law to be a criminal offense, the case is currently being processed.

Next, Anhui Province will continue to strengthen the online supervision, based on the No. 1, No. 2 in Action “network Sword” on, constantly sum up experience and lessons, improve network monitoring capabilities to further increase the online sales of fake and shoddy food and drug crimes crackdown behavior.

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Medicine Store Should Sell Pills 24 Hours A Day

Autonomous Social Council Chamber recently issued “municipal basic medical insurance retail pharmacy management protocol access to exit implementation details,” requires basic medical designated retail pharmacies, shall ensure that the ability to provide 24-hour service, a night to procure medicines window or duty calls; during business hours, at least one or more titles pharmacist pharmacy professional and technical personnel in the post.

Asian Heart Network reporter access to all media informed that, as of last year, Urumqi pharmacy around 1600, but very few all-night pharmacy.

“We have tried 24-hour service, but taking into account the shortage of staff and security, there is no sale of drugs at night to continue to provide services.” Youth Road, near a large chain drugstore official said, they have hundreds of pharmacies in the capital, some store relatively remote, high risk business at night.

And in the mountain, the establishment of a Special Drugs store doorbell and sale of drugs at night window, providing night-service sale of drugs. The pharmacy-related person in charge said Gu Yiqun, they offer 24-hour service in the mountain chain, north gate. If people come to buy medicine at night, you can just press the doorbell rang, but at night to buy medicine can only pay in cash not credit card.

Asian Heart Network reporter from the north gate all media Special Drugs store learned that the pharmacy nightly average 1000-2000 yuan turnover, nearby community residents, taxi drivers are the main customers.

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Provincial Hospital Pharmacy Director Consultation

Yan whole root Shandong Provincial Hospital Pharmacy Director, two days received many telephone consultation. Speaking protagonist without exception, they are the recent demand “protamine.” Yan said the whole root, the hospital did not have three months to purchase “protamine”, and the current inventory is only 100, can only supply emergency surgery, no other method to ensure that the contact number of fraternal hospitals, each hospital was the same, they are gone.

Protamine, the full name of “protamine sulfate injection”, is extracted from fresh mature fish sperm protein in an alkaline sulfate is mainly used for bleeding caused by heparin overdose, cardiac surgery is necessary drugs, without it, patients may be life threatening. Deputy director of cardiac surgery Zhengzhou People’s Hospital, Dr Zhang Xianghui said that many carry out heart surgery in hospital or general hospital, because this thing has stopped normal operation arrangements, in addition to emergency spare some drugs to surgery, Common routine elective surgery, basically limiting.

Protamine far more than a gap, Shandong and Henan, Anhui Hefei public Wang’s relatives a few days ago to do heart surgery, Anhui Provincial Hospital no protamine, advise patients to find their own “protamine”, otherwise difficult surgery.

Mr. Wang said, “Provincial Hospital doctors told us that only two homes and Hefei 105 Hospital this protamine. Inquire about the end result is no hospital in Hefei, the hospital before they are used a little bit, but now with over, but do not want to enter because this drug it is itself a small minority of medicine, my relatives, he uses words only ten, he was a very small minority and very cheap price, while 105 hospitals with I finished. “

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Research on Chinese Medicine Enterprises

To implement the provincial government “to speed up the development of traditional Chinese medicine industry,” and “on” green plus authentic “brand building of Chinese herbal medicines opinions” spirit of the document, recently, the Food and Drug Administration Shucheng main person responsible for his unit Chinese herbal medicines within the jurisdiction of the county Chengguan, taoxi, Zhang mother bridge, poke Lake and other towns growers in-depth research.

Everywhere research group, first went to the fields on the ground view, detailed inquiry and record aspects of planting varieties, area, yield per mu, sales prospects and the presence of value-added processing and so on. When the leaders in charge of the township, the village committee and the responsible persons at seminars, in-depth understanding of the history and development of township planting situation, consult widely to promote the development of Chinese herbal medicine industry recommendations.

On the next step, the research group believes that one should take advantage of meetings and reports and other means, and actively report to the government leaders, deepening government leaders paid more attention to the development of traditional Chinese medicine industry, the introduction of preferential policies, increase government medicine and efforts to support a range of planting materials. Second, we must strengthen ties and communication with COAG, forestry, science and technology, poverty alleviation, finance and other departments, preferential policies and financial support for functional departments. Third, we should vigorously implement the “company + base + farmers” model of development of Chinese herbal medicine industry, foster a number of herbs like having a relative strength and competitiveness of such “Anhui Xiangshan Biotechnology Co., Ltd.” planting enterprises to speed up the production of Chinese herbal medicines and the market, and to promote the sustainable development of Chinese herbal medicine production county.

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High Price Priscriptions are Not Good for People’s Health

Although Pfizer denied in China under investigation, but the high price of imported drugs is an indisputable fact. Under normal circumstances, with a drug imports, “China’s market will be generally higher than the European market price of about 1/5 to 1/3, the most obvious tumor drugs.” Such as: Pfizer Viagra hottest, with an average price of US $ 6.75 / piece (equivalent to 43.82 yuan), less than half of the lowest domestic; Azithromycin Tablets domestic lowest price of 69 yuan / box (box 6), in the United States for only $ 0.63 / piece (equivalent to 4.09 yuan), a difference of more than 12 times.

In response to the drug problem in the different pricing and availability in different countries, Pfizer’s US headquarters, said the drug pricing and supply in different countries is based on the economic situation of the countries, the local assessment of the relevant pharmaceutical value, and health needs of the local population Wait. Simply put, different prices in different countries, based on different needs.

If Pfizer is so, then, of China is a developing country, per capita income of the people is quite different with the Americans, while the market demand is much greater off than the United States, from the common sense of the market economy, the price of drugs sold in China should be more than United States cheap, or at least should not be more expensive than it is. And actually it is the opposite that drug prices in China higher than the sales price in a large portion of the United States obviously counterintuitive.

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Problematic Western Medicines Appear in China’s Market

According to the US “The Wall Street Journal” Web site March 29 reported stroke treatment maleate cinepazide (cinepazide) quit Spain, Italy and France in the late 1980s and 1990s, because it was reported that taking this medicine It can cause blood diseases. However, according to Credit Suisse Securities research institutions show that in 2010, it has become China’s best-selling drugs.

In fact, maleic acid cinepazide been made Sihuan Pharmaceutical Holdings Group Ltd. (00460.HK, hereinafter referred to as “Sihuan”) dominate the market with new drugs last year protection period expires, only competing drugs have been listed. “Our company has never interviewed, there is no relevant departments in charge of this thing, you write whenever you want it, do not tell us.” When the “China Business” reporter interviewed on this issue, Sihuan Pharmaceutical official said so.

According to the “Wall Street Journal” reported, industry experts say, pharmaceutical companies would have to start selling the test and not to market the drug in other countries in China. In response, Beijing Ding Chen Management Consulting Co., Ltd. founder Shili Chen told reporters that the delisting of drugs abroad in domestic sales is not the case. “The vast majority of foreign drugs into the country are very formal and the process is very strict, but also some foreign pharmaceutical companies are good at loopholes, not only in the country, is in the rest of the world if we find no strict restrictions, also by modifying the data of drugs toxicity hiding for sale. “

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Protamine Sulfate Injection Faces a Serious Problem

Yan whole root Shandong Provincial Hospital Pharmacy Director, two days received many telephone consultation. Speaking protagonist without exception, they are the recent demand “protamine.” Yan said the whole root, the hospital did not have three months to purchase “protamine”, and the current inventory is only 100, can only supply emergency surgery. “Emergency surgery on the heart can open the other has not properly served. We also contacted some of the brothers to the hospital because the hospital was the same individual, they are not, we would like to borrow some from other hospitals, they would not be able to lend us. ”

Protamine, the full name of “protamine sulfate injection”, is extracted from fresh mature fish sperm protein in an alkaline sulfate is mainly used for bleeding caused by heparin overdose, cardiac surgery is necessary drugs, without it, patients may be life threatening.

Deputy director of cardiac surgery Zhengzhou People’s Hospital, doctors said Zhang Xianghui introduced, many carried out cardiac surgery specialist hospital or general hospital, because this thing has stopped normal operation arrangements. In addition to the emergency spare some drugs for surgery, the normal routine elective surgery basically limiting.

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Keep People From Unsafe Medicines

Maintains food and drug safety, ensure the safety of the people of Tongren on the tongue, first and foremost improve the system. November 4, 2015, Guizhou Province, to strengthen the basic food safety conference and the Food and Drug Administration Reform Taskforce fifth (enlarged) meeting in Sinan County, Tongren City, the meeting stressed the need to attach great importance to fully understand the good Primary food safety control sense of urgency and responsibility.

By 2015, the city district (county), township (town, street) all established food safety committee and its office, and actively play a “lead total catch” role in promoting inter-sectoral and regional communications, the situation consultation, joint law enforcement , execution of convergence, but also the investigation of major risks, incident handling, crack down on crime and other aspects of joint coordination and joint efforts to safeguard food safety play an active role.

Up to now, the city has a municipal Food and Drug Administration, a large food and drug regulatory Long Economic Development Bureau, eight county-level market Authority (Food and Drug Administration), set up two separate county Food and Drug the Authority, which is no instance in the former province. In addition, there are 56 township (office) branch, 172 township (office) food and drug supervision station, the city’s food and drug regulatory system consists of 524 administrative staff (which township Area Branch 257), village food and drug inspectors, coordinators and information specialists each 2955.

2015 beginning Tongren district and county governments and municipal government has signed a “Tongren 2015 food and drug safety objectives responsibility”, issued a “Tongren City in 2015 focus on food safety work notice” to develop a “Tongren area in 2015 (county) government food and drug safety cosmetics comprehensive Assessment Rules, “revised and issued” Tongren City people’s Government food safety emergency response plan, “woven from institutional prison food and drug safety nets. The establishment of food safety expert database for food safety work is an orderly way to provide intellectual support to the city’s food security situation stable and good.

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